Friday, 27 February 2009

Facebook is taking over!

What happened to can I have your number and I’ll call you, forms of keeping in contact have changed. People would prefer your full name to search you on Facebook then your number to talk in person. It has become a new craze in order to keep informed about the new events or club themes you have to join the Facebook group. To see the photos from last night’s outing you would have to go on Facebook and comment instead of developing the photo and showing people in person. Technology has changed the way we communicate; I could sit on Facebook all day literally and talk to a large amount of people about anything.

I could see people’s life history through pictures of their childhood, school days and university life. You can search for anyone by using their first and surname; if their profile is not private then click away! The tagging option I believe is a great tool but can be dangerous people could be caught doing something they should not be, parents can see what their children has got up to. On the other hand you can find people in the picture you got tagged in and get their names; it’s an easy link to the pictures you wanted to see.

People lives are now on Facebook it’s a way of keeping up-to-date with the latest gossip, they now have an instant messenger encourage people to stay on Facebook longer. What makes it scary is some people’s lives revolve around Facebook changing their status every five minutes and constantly online, will things ever change?

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Cinema's today

Cinema’s today have changed compared to the past, for example the prices have risen and the atmosphere or the idea behind going to the cinema has changed. Back in the past cinema going for me was a big event on a Saturday because school was all week and church was on a Sunday. Everyone got excited when news films came out and wanted to watch it in the cinema before anywhere else like DVD or TV. The prices were reasonable and everyone seemed excited about the whole cinema experience.

Today is a different story because watching a film in the cinema would only happen if we have the money and if someone else tells us that it’s worth watching in cinema. I won’t risk going to watch a badly done film because it cost money. The surround sound and the huge scene is what draw people to going to the cinema.

But now people seem to prefer downloading and watching films in the comfort of their home with a computer screen or buy a surround sound system and a big flat scene television with popcorn from the local shop. The popcorn was the traditional food to eat or hot dogs both with the fresh cinema taste, in contrast with today people believe cheaper is better and settle for the DVD with cheap snacks. The atmosphere for cinema going has changed will it ever be the same?

Monday, 23 February 2009

To many false fire alarms!!

When we all started as a Fresher the whole university experience seemed daunting. Everything was new and the thought of not living in the comfortable of your home with your parents and siblings was scary. We had the introduction week this personally helped me to settle in because I was kept busy and they tried to scare us the fire alarm showing horrible pictures of a cooker burnt to a crisp. I believed the health and safety lecture was very useful because they predicted what students would do to try and prevent the alarm going off for example covering the alarm with a sock. The predictions were based on the previous students and were accurate, but some students still push the limit and set the alarms constantly. I gathered from The Linc that since we started university on the 15th of September there have been 38 false calls from the Courts fire alarms and only 3 of these are genuine fires.

In court 17 where I live are very good at not setting the alarm off because the only time I remember was the alarm practice, set off purposely to see if it worked and to ensure we know the system. Unfortunately this was at 5 in the morning which didn’t work well when most people have a 9am lecture. When the alarm is raised Lincolnshire Fire and rescue service are quick to respond but the real issue with responding to all false calls caused mostly by the courts in my opinion, is that those who need the assistance are unable to get the full service because they are assisting us.

I found out from The Linc that each call costs the taxpayer £430 per hour for every fully crewed fire engine that comes to the scene. That might explain why the wardens and the fire engine crew don’t look happy being called to a false fire alarm especially when the reason are as petty as the shower door left open, people smoking when they shouldn’t be or hair spray.