Thursday, 5 March 2009

Lincoln to London trains

Currently attending the University of Lincoln every student travels to their home city or town occasionally, I came from South London and having to travel from Lincoln to London can be a long process.

I have to go to Lincoln train station 10 minutes walk from my accommodation that’s the easy part. Getting on a train and going to either Newark North Gate or Peterborough is about an hour and can be a hassle because the train isn’t very big so getting your luggage and finding a seat can be a nightmare depending on what time in the day. Once arrived at either station getting to the next platform on time and finding the reserved on the national express train can be the second part to the nightmare. But once on the train its smooth sailing back to London, the change of trains is starting to become a thing of the past.

A new direct train is currently running at 7:08am from Lincoln to London, there are no changes and it’s an East Midlands train. The leaflet describes the service as uninterrupted, unbroken and undisturbed sounds good to me. The other benefit is there won’t be a problem with trying to get a seat because Lincoln is the starting point of the service. Don’t think ill being using the service anytime soon because it’s seven in the morning but when it regulates eventually I’ll definitely be using it.

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