Friday, 20 March 2009

If a women is drunk is she to blame?

Reading through The National student I came across a controversial article in the national student last week. I stopped at this article because there have been a vast amount of opinions and angles to interpret the article.

The main headline is “Asking for it?” and the introduction talks about women being responsible for rape if the woman is drunk. My personal opinion is that woman doesn’t ask to be raped, you could ask anyone and they would be completely against it.
But the influence of alcohol does make them vulnerable, women are aware of the effects of alcohol. It is constantly being advertised on all forms of media and just going out on a Saturday or Friday night could open your eyes to the effects of alcohol.

If women don’t clearly say “No” it doesn’t make them responsible it doesn’t make them responsible for being raped. They could be so intoxicated that they panic and not know what to do, or they could be too weak to defend themselves. But on the other hand, I do believe women do have an idea of what’s happening and what they are doing when they are drunk.

A survey was used to back up the article, it was carried out by a opinion panel research and its purpose was to show students thoughts about rape. One of the facts that stood out for me was that 44% of students said that if women didn’t clearly say no then she would be responsible if becoming a rape victim.

I would say women wearing revealing clothing and getting drunk do not ask to be raped. Women that do those things may want attention and there’s a wide range of reasons to act the way they do. People in the world today try to find solutions for the action of rape or who to blame it on. I would say it’s the rapist to blame and that’s why they get prosecuted for their actions.

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