Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The thickest snow in years! London weather

I wrote this blog on the snow day this is my point of view!

London’s weather today made history, the most snow in 18 years thats what the news kept saying. I was ment to go back to university in Lincoln but became trapped at home in London.

The weather was amazing and very pretty, I watched the news telling how all the schools are closed and no buses, severe delays on bus, trains and airport closes. I would say London was at a Stand still, listening to the radio they informed me that the buses are still not running and west endof london the main tourist and high street shopping area was empty.
Listening to all the news and seeing how deep the snow was, made it almost surreal. i had no choice but to stay at home in London and miss lectures, there was no way to get back and if there was it would of taken hours more than it should.

I have had a great day taking pictures and having snow fights, which I’m guessing that most of London did. I can only sit and wait for the snow to clear which by the looks of it may take days. London is an amazing place and I’m sure we will get things running again.

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