Tuesday, 7 April 2009

FEJS conference in Lincoln

The conference began on the 2nd of March 2009 n Lincoln; my contribution to the conference was being a volunteer. My job was to guide the European students around Lincoln, wake them up in the mornings and make sure they go to the right workshops and lectures. Looking at the time table it seemed a little daunting because the days started early and ended late, but I was optimistic and looking forward to meeting students from around Europe.

The first day I started by making sure all the students went to the right rooms and was down in time for dinner. This seemed quite easy and the day ended nicely with dinner and presentations from the students representing their European Countries. What was particularly funny about the presentations was that quite a few countries sang their traditional drinking songs.

The next day began with an early start 8am at the Holiday Inn Express, I was given a list and had to knock the hotel doors to wake the student up in time for jam packed schedule. We had breakfast and continued the day with interesting talks and the beginning of workshops. The workshop I chose to participate in was the Blogging workshop.

This workshop consisted of setting up a Word press blog and being informed about other blogs and what their purposes are. I then discovered that none of the European counties had a blog except the students in Lincoln. The students seemed very happy and enthusiastic about the start of their first blog. We also set up a Twitter account for a way to keep in contact with everyone and get in contact with the world of media as well of everyone else connected.

The rest of the conference was followed by a tour of Lincoln, showing others what I fell in love with when choosing my university has been great. The Cathedral was amazing and much appreciated by the Italian Students that me and the other volunteers guided. The event entailed dinner in the Tower Bar again followed by painting the Lincoln town red, going to clubs.

The last day for me was short because I had to get a train home for the Easter holidays; I did my early morning door knocking and guided some FEJS to the campus to continue the rest of the workshops and talks. At lunch time I left to catch my train, at this time I felt sad because I made some good friends, met people from around Europe, learn a lot and made new friends among the volunteers because they came from different universities.

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